10 Usability Related Websites Waiting for your Guest Post

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I would like to point out that paulolyslager.com is accepting guest posts as well. Visit the ‘Write for us’ page for more info.

Since a few weeks now I’m thinking of sending some of my soon-to-be-finished articles to other blogs, hopefully to be published as guest posts. The main reason is that I’m very curious about the effects it will have for both me as a blogger and the blog itself. Not only do I look for ways to increase traffic but I also want to extend my connections, share opinions, knowledge and experiences.

For obvious reasons it is recommended to contact blogs which discuss similar topics as my article, but related topics could work as well. Because my main interest is user-centered design, I went through my bookmarks looking for websites which seemed to fit my articles. The result is a list of websites, interested in contributions from other people, all writing about user-centered design and usability related websites.

Before you contact the websites below you need to be aware of your writing-skills and level of expertise. Some of the mentioned websites have high expectations and require a lot of extra work before they even have a look at your article. Personally I think it’s well worth the efford if you can post an article on one of the following websites:

1. usabilitypost

website of Usabilitypost

UsabilityPost is a blog about design. Design isn’t what something looks like, design is about how it works. Making something usable means understanding what people expect from your product and thinking of ways to make the use of the product simple and enjoyable. The aim of UsabilityPost is to provide relevant resources, tips and insights into good design in order to help you make great products.


2. garmahis

website of Garmahis

Garmahis.com is a blog about web design, project management, photography and related content. Here you find tips, tutorials, reviews and inspiration.


3. Uxbooth

website of uxbooth

The UX Booth is a blog by and for the user experience community. The readership consists mostly of beginning-to-intermediate user experience and interaction designers, but anyone interested in making the web a better place to be is welcome.


4. Inspired Mag

website of Inspired Mag

Inspired Mag is a daily graphic design and social media inspiration source for designers, illustrators, WordPress fanatics, iPhone enthusiasts and Twitter addicts. The magazine publishes at least an article per day and a few inspirational roundups per week. Inspired Mag doesn’t focus on user-centered design articles only but have a lot of great articles in the archive.


5. Boxes and Arrows

website of Boxes and Arrows

Boxes and Arrows is devoted to the practice, innovation, and discussion of design; including graphic design, interaction design, information architecture and the design of business. Since 2001, it’s been a peer-written journal promoting contributors who want to provoke thinking, push limits, and teach a few things along the way.


6. UX Magazine

website of UX Magazine

UX Magazine was created to deliver a central place to discuss the critical disciplines that all enhance user experience. Extraordinary user experiences should be the goal of every interaction you deliver to your users at any level.


7. UX Matters

website of UX Matters

Their mission: Produce a Web magazine that delivers compelling content about developing effective user experience (UX) strategies and designing digital product user experiences that optimally serve people’s needs and satisfy their desires.


8. A List Apart

website of A List Apart

A List Apart Magazine explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.


9. 1stwebdesigner

website of 1stwebdesigner

1stwebdesigner is a design blog dedicated to bloggers, freelancers, web-developers and designers. Topics focus on web design,graphic design, tutorials and inspirational articles.


10. uxdesign

website of uxdesign

The purpose of uxdesign.com is to contribute to and support the professional user experience (UX, UE) design, interaction design, and business strategy communities, to help us design interactive systems that improve people’s lives.


Keep in mind that you can always contact websites, asking them if they would be interested in a guest post. It’s not because they haven’t got any clear message about guest posts, that they aren’t interested in contributions from outside. When you introduce yourself, think of it as sending your cv to a company you’ve always wanted to work for. Give some info about yourself, the reasons why you’ve chosen them and show some of your best articles so they can judge your writing skills.

If you have other examples of great websites or magazines that will fit the list, please let me know.

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My Book Collection on UX
My Book Collection on UX

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  • http://weblogredux.com Hal Brown

    Thanks for the list Paul. I keep lists like this.

  • http://www.flairbuilder.com/ Cristian Pascu

    Thanks so much for this list, Paul. Not only it’s a great list, but you also remind us of the great opportunity a guest post is for bloggers.

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  • http://www.pbwebdev.com.au Peter

    Thanks for the list. I’m adding them to my Twitter follow list and Google Reader.

  • http://www.paulolyslager.com Paul Olyslager

    @Hal Brown: you’re welcome Hal :)

  • http://www.paulolyslager.com Paul Olyslager

    @Cristian Pascu: Hi Cristian, if you ever feel the need to write a guest post about Flairbuilder, let me know.

  • http://www.strabinarius.com Daniel Canet

    Hi, Paul.
    How are you doing?
    Nice list you have here.
    Big ups from Bcn.

  • http://www.paulolyslager.com Paul Olyslager

    @Daniel Canet: Hi Danni, long time not seen, I hope you’re doing fine! Say hi to Fabian from me! And thanks for the compliment.