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Web Usability is a quality attribute that assesses how easy interfaces are to use. The focus is on the user, making him or her feel at ease while navigating through the interface and removing any blockers in their journey. Making an interface user-friendly, and therefore improving the usability, means that users they do not have to deal with any unexpected behavior within that interface. Effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction are important objectives.

Content plays an important role in building a relationship with your readers and consequently, converting them into a buyer or a client. Along with good content writing, it’s also quite a prerequisite to present content in an interesting and user friendly way. This goes a long way in improving and influencing your website’s usability. Improving… continue reading

I would like to point out that is accepting guest posts as well. Visit the ‘Write for us’ page for more info. Since a few weeks now I’m thinking of sending some of my soon-to-be-finished articles to other blogs, hopefully to be published as guest posts. The main reason is that I’m very curious… continue reading

The ultimate goal of usability tests is to obtain the necessary information which will give you the possibility to make an interface so simple and intuitive in use that people can work with it without thinking. People who navigate through your application shouldn’t be spending too much time figuring out the different functionalities of it.… continue reading

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