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A lot of app development companies accept that improving their apps’ user experience will help with the retention but a lot of them do not know how. This is why this article outlines a few ways by which app development companies can improve the user experience on their mobile apps.

Start with great onboarding

Highly experienced app development companies usually begin with fantastic onboarding experience for new users. As an app development company, it is a good idea to walk new users through your app. Show them how to navigate through your app easily. You should also show them all the shortcuts if any. Most importantly, show them all the uses and benefits of all the buttons, links, and functionalities.

Several app development companies do not give new users walkthrough on their app. This is probably one of the reasons a lot of users delete some apps after only one use. Another way to improve the onboarding experience of new users is by making your registration form very short. Making new users fill a long registration form will give them a poor onboarding experience. You are good with only username and password.

Make them type less

One of the most difficult tasks on mobile device is typing. So, users generally hate typing. You will improve their experience by making them type less. This is a good reason to keep your registration form very short as mentioned above. Design your app in such a way that users will do more of clicking than typing and ensure that they can achieve their goals with as few clicks as possible.

Make your phone number a link

It is possible for a user to decide to put a call across to you while using your app. Instead of making the user leave the app and move to the dial pad to initiate the call, you can make your phone number on the app a call-initiating link. That way, users will just need to tap on your phone number and a call is initiated to you. This is much more convenient and it boosts user experience.

Make it easy for users to send feedback

It is needless to lay emphasis on the importance of users’ feedback to app builders. You need to make it easy for users to send feedback. A template should come up when a user taps on the feedback button. He will then type the feedback and click on the send button. The easier it is for users to send feedback, the more they are likely to send it. There are a lot of tools out there, making this possible.

Respond to feedback as quickly as possible

Making them send feedback is just one leg of the strategy. The other leg is to respond to each feedback as quickly as possible. This shows users that their feedback is being read by humans. So, for suggestions, you should respond if their suggestion will be implemented and when it will be implemented. For suggestions that cannot be implemented, you should also explain why they can’t be implemented.

When you keep responding to users’ feedback, they will be motivated to send more and they will also feel special. How you respond to feedback will be used to assess your brand.

Keep it simple

Even though you will walk new users through your app, you still need to keep your app very easy to use. Make it easy for them to be able to find their way on their own without your walkthrough. People love apps that are very easy to use. The major challenge here is that an app that is easy for you to understand may be difficult for users to understand. You must subject your app to thorough testing before launching it.

To achieve this, you can keep the functions of your app to only the ones that are related to the purpose of the app. Adding too many functions to your app will get your app clumsy and difficult to use. Make sure you don’t reinvent the wheel. For instance don’t change the universally accepted icons of some commands. A trash can icon is used to represent the delete command and a magnifying glass is used for search. Never change any of such icons.

Release regular update with new features

It is also necessary to entertain users with new features. Updates should not be only about fixing of bugs. It should also be about introducing new features. For instance, in game apps, players love to see new levels, new missions, and new features.

Localization matters

If users of your app are located in different parts of the world, it is important to localize and individualize the content of the app and your push notification. When users find out that the content of your app changes when their location changes , they get dazzled. For instance, the prices on your app should be displayed in the currency of the country where it is being accessed.

When sending out messages through push notification, you should individualize the messages with at least their usernames or first names. This makes users feel special.

Don’t over use push notification

While push notification is a great way to send out message to users, don’t bug them with too many push notifications else some of them will turn off push notification while some will go as far as deleting your app. If you have 7 messages to pass, it is better to pass all of them in one push notification. Don’t send each of them each day.

You should also segment the notifications by the time zones of users. You don’t want your notification to interrupt their sleep.

Your app should be super-fast

Users are generally impatient so they hate apps that load slowly. It should not take any page of your app more than 3 seconds to load. You may need to adopt the Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) technology to achieve this.

While there are other ways to give users a wonderful experience, you are good with the few ones discussed above, if you apply them properly.

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