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What’s the best way to persuade somebody when talking to them? You have to be confident, talk fast and swear a little among other things. But what about persuading somebody without words – possible? You bet. One simple, yet interesting case: The presence of a fly in a urinal literally changes human behavior. How come?… continue reading

Minimalism in web design is a style or technique in design that is characterised by extreme simplicity, stripped of everything except for those components that are absolutely essential. Void of unnecessary clutter, a minimalistic web design should allow the message of a site to clearly stand out and enable high functionality, in turn, creating a… continue reading

Have you ever tried testing your Responsive Web Design with real users? If not, it is definitely worth considering. You may be surprised by the results. This article will not focus on technical testing, where the aim is to determine how the site performs on a wide range of devices, or in different circumstances such… continue reading

Having a consistent website design not only adds usability to the website but assist in improving the user experience, as a result of which you have lower bounce rates, returning visitors and many more advantages to name. A website is considered consistent when all its basic elements do not vary too much from one page… continue reading

Responsive web design has become a near ubiquitous buzzword on the web. The term ‘Responsive web design’ is everywhere. As responsive web design gained steam, the way we build websites changed. As the term moves from buzzword into a common part of every web design project, the way we work as web professionals needs to… continue reading

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