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Each e-commerce shopper is unique. Some visit with a specific product in mind. Others are deciding what to purchase. Some visit to kill time. Every element of an e-commerce site is important for the site’s success, from product images to descriptions to registration to checkout. But different types of shoppers rely on different elements of… continue reading

Design is already playing a great role in creating digital products, and by design I do not mean hey, this button looks cool and shiny, I mean how stuff works. Of course, pretty websites and apps are better for the end user (thus for the owner), but from what is obvious if you spend some… continue reading

Author Jeff Sauro talks about the relationship between frequency and severity of the problems found while conducting usability tests. Problems can be prioritized by both how many users encountered the problem (frequency) and the impact the problem has on performance or other key metrics (severity). The real question: If you only test with say 5… continue reading

Here’s a simple test: pick up a standard business card. Judge its size. What you’re seeing is roughly the same size as the frame your mobile users have available to view your entire mobile site. Throughout their usability test sessions of mobile checkouts this extreme lack of page overview was observed to have severe implications… continue reading

It’s been 19 long years since Jakob Nielsen defined the final version of his 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design, and in that time a hell of a lot has changed. Do you think it’s time to bin Nielsen and come up with a new set of Usability heuristics? In 1995 the internet was… continue reading