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Who are the users and what are they trying to do? Answering those two questions are essential first steps to measuring and improving the right things on an interface. While there are hundreds to thousands of things users can accomplish on websites and software interfaces, there are a critical few tasks that drive users to… continue reading

It’s been 19 long years since Jakob Nielsen defined the final version of his 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design, and in that time a hell of a lot has changed. Do you think it’s time to bin Nielsen and come up with a new set of Usability heuristics? In 1995 the internet was… continue reading

User experience concerns much more than the design of elegant, usable products. By UX design, I’m referring to a broad range of skills, including creating personas, wireframes, specifications, information architectures, interaction flows, high-resolution comps, and prototypes; conducting user research, doing usability studies, and organizing content. All of this work —and much more— sits within the… continue reading

How usable is a website? While most usability activities involve finding and fixing problems on websites (often called formative evaluations), it’s good practice to know how usable a website is (often called a summative evaluation). Obtaining a quantitative usability benchmark allows you to understand how design and functional changes impacted the user experience. Jeff Sauro… continue reading

As design guru Jared Spool recently remarked in a conference keynote, “Great design is always invisible.” An expertly designed interface—one that exceeds user expectations—gets out of the way and lets the experience take center stage so the user can achieve their task unhindered. Thus, the heroes of UX are those who do their jobs so… continue reading

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