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Are you using paper prototyping to test a new feature or product? Jake Knapp believes that starting on paper is great for your design process, but it’s a waste of time for research. The fact that Jake is comparing paper prototyping to macaroni artwork, makes it even more interesting. When you need to learn about… continue reading

The products we design often change people’s daily behaviors and routines. Not just in the sleazy manipulative ways associated with slick advertising, but in ways that help users take actions they want to take, but struggle with: from exercising more to organizing their inbox. While there are powerful techniques that can help users overcome behavioral… continue reading

Tab Patterns is a UI design pattern gallery specifically for tablet devices. Although the collection is not that extensive yet, it does have the most common tab patterns, all nicely grouped into well chosen categories. I do hope that the tab patterns are updated from time to time! “It’s been a great source of inspiration/best… continue reading

Each e-commerce shopper is unique. Some visit with a specific product in mind. Others are deciding what to purchase. Some visit to kill time. Every element of an e-commerce site is important for the site’s success, from product images to descriptions to registration to checkout. But different types of shoppers rely on different elements of… continue reading

As UX professionals, we all pay a lot of attention to users’ needs. When designing for mobile devices, we’re aware that there are some additional things that we must consider — such as how the context in which users employ their devices changes their interactions or usage patterns. However, some time ago, I noticed a… continue reading