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Mobile designers and developers share a common frustration stemming from the fragmented device landscape. With wearables on the horizon, the puzzle is becoming more baffling. Responsive design and adaptive layouts are about to become the default approach when planning design. But what do we do when the adaptive layout is not flexible enough to make… continue reading

In this first of a two-part series, Michael Mace of talks about mobile conversion and the most common usability issues seen in mobile commerce. A great article about how to address mobile usability problems based on actual research. If there’s a consensus about anything in the fast-changing mobile market, it’s the idea that mobile… continue reading

The UX Torturer is a new and emerging role in the field of User Experience. Whereas the typical UX Designer is a one-trick pony who can only improve the user experience, the UX Torturer specializes in degrading the user experience to maximize profit. By using some real world examples, author Eshan Shah Jahan, explains the… continue reading

Conversions are mostly about being relevant to your customers. If what you offer and the way you present it is relevant to your visitors they will convert to buying customers. Then again if you don’t understand who your customer is or worse it’s “everybody” then you have very little change of being successful at it.… continue reading

Agile development processes are popular among programmers, and for several years we have studied how to best integrate Agile methods and user experience methods to create great products that don’t abandon usability while chasing after speedy programming. Hoa Loranger, Director at Nielsen Norman Group, recently interviewed eight professionals who work in Agile environments to learn… continue reading