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As UX professionals, we all pay a lot of attention to users’ needs. When designing for mobile devices, we’re aware that there are some additional things that we must consider — such as how the context in which users employ their devices changes their interactions or usage patterns. However, some time ago, I noticed a… continue reading

User experience concerns much more than the design of elegant, usable products. By UX design, I’m referring to a broad range of skills, including creating personas, wireframes, specifications, information architectures, interaction flows, high-resolution comps, and prototypes; conducting user research, doing usability studies, and organizing content. All of this work —and much more— sits within the… continue reading

Companies around the globe are realizing that they need to take a more strategic approach to user experience design. UX teams are feeling the pressure to be both better and faster, as agile development squeezes UX processes into short sprints; while analytics provide an instant read on how designs are performing in the marketplace. UX… continue reading

All of your design decisions about content, button location, fold awareness, navigation issues, and nearly anything else concerning your effort to provide a great Web site user experience can be significantly undermined if you fail to consider the impact that images of people have on your content. The reckless addition of images of faces or… continue reading

Because user research studies peoples’ behavior, the most effective research techniques involve observing participants doing things and talking about what they’re doing. Research that focuses on opinions and discussions of behavior in the abstract isn’t as useful, because it’s difficult for people to talk about their behavior out of context or to evaluate a design… continue reading

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