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Increasing user confidence online is a constant challenge that both website owners and entrepreneurs face. With the prevalence of scams and frauds in the online community, creating an environment where users feel comfortable interacting, using and buying from a website is essential. User Experience (UX) design is an essential step towards building user confidence and… continue reading

User Experience – dubbed UX for short – is a hot topic. In the broadest sense, it can be defined as the overall experience you have when you are using or interacting with something – and that ‘something’ could literally be almost anything in the world! For many people, user experience comes to mind in… continue reading

Instead of creating yet another “What is Responsive Web Design?” article or showcasing the top tech blogs that have been re-designed for responsive web design, author Justin Mifsud, got in touch with Mr. Evan Britton, the CEO of, whose website has been recently re-designed to adapt responsively. A responsive website (a website that has… continue reading

Paper Prototyping is a technique that consists of creating hand drawings of user interfaces in order to enable them to be rapidly designed, simulated and tested. As simple as this technique may look like, it has been effectively used since the 1980s and is likely to continue to be used with a guaranteed degree of… continue reading

In January 2012, The UK government launched a BETA version of the new website The new interface is essentially a search engine with a simple user interface which is similar to that of Google search.