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Pricing isn’t an art anymore. It’s a science with some well-documented and researched principles on how people think and compare when offered multiple options. Here’s the good news: although pricing has become a science, it certainly isn’t rocket science! It’s actually quite easy to learn. And one of the most important principles to help you… continue reading

Marcin Treder wrote an excellent article about the increasing familiarity of User Experience Design. User experience design just stopped to be a niche and became a standard. It’s easier now to find an internet company without the SEO guy (after Panda… I wonder why) than without a UX designer on board. User Experience Design lies… continue reading

Designing a website is challenging even as a generic idea of colors, widgets, and wireframe mockups. But if you can sit down to consider the interface challenges first, the details fill in much neater and your design talent will flourish. Building an intuitive interface will require time and lots of practice. Not just practice coding… continue reading

Content sites, such as blogs, article directories, image galleries, video galleries, etc. are a major category of sites and if you haven’t designed such a site until now, you can be sure that sooner or later you will. Designing a content site is in many aspects easier than designing a corporate site but it has… continue reading

Users should be able to simply, quickly, and intuitively use any web app, like with any tool in life, be it a car, phone, or anything else. After all, a useful web app doesn’t do much good if it’s a pain in the butt to use – many users will eventually give up and go… continue reading

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